Songs On An Old SD Card

Recently, I came across a phone I used to use several years ago, when I remembered that it had a mini SD card slot. I was interested to see what was on there, so I popped it into my current phone to check it out. I found quite a lot of Japanese rap music on there, which would have been what I liked the most just before I went to Japan. It’s a 1GB  with other music on it, but here’s (in no particular order and without translations,) the Japanese rap I was listening to just before I left England:

Tha Blue Herb

  • ペンと知恵の輪 (We Love It Madly)
  • Stoicism Prelude (No Time)
  • Amenimomakezu
  • This 98
  • Once Upon A Laif In Sapporo
  • Shock-Shineの乱(1 Premise) Remix
  • Bossism
  • Stoicizm
  • 続・腐触
  • あの夜だけが
  • Ame Ni Mo Makez (there are two songs of exactly the same title, but different tracks)
  • Coast 2 Coast 2
  • Shock Shine No (Mixtape Version)
  • Chie No Wa


  • Nexxxt Big Thing
  • Oh my goodness feat. Akira
  • H2
  • I Just Wanna
  • Dirty Go Around feat. ASM
  • – Skit –
  • BAD若旦那~いんだくらぶ~
  • Do U Want it again~OUTRO~ feat. ia


  • Tsuki
  • Dateme
  • Miharuka Sukanata
  • Al-Khadir
  • Kick It Out
  • Mizu
  • Represent
  • 今は昔 feat. 風雲 Storm Riders
  • けむめまけ
  • 七日間
  • 七日間 (DJ Kaori Remix)
  • ナニナニ feat. Bird


  • イントロ
  • 言霊
  • 9mm
  • Izumi
  • アウトロ
  • Knock Out feat. Zeebra
  • Microphone Death Match
  • ひとり酒


  • 結婚の理想と現実
  • Beat Boxing
  • Hip Hop 解放戦線 feat. UZI
  • 城南ハスラー
  • Children’s Story
  • 城南ハスラー 2 feat. Dabo, UZI, G.K. Maryan

King Gidorah

  • 最終兵器
  • Unstoppable
  • トビスギ
  • F.F.B
  • リヤルにやる
  • 911 (Original Version)
  • 真実の爆弾
  • 平成維新 feat. 童子-T & UZI
  • 最終兵器 (Aquarius Remix feat. Muro
  • ジェネレーションネクスト
  • 夜明け

???? (文字化け)

  • ???? (文字化け)

Nitro Microphone Underground

  • Terminal-1
  • Watack


  • Chain Reaction (Re-Reaction Remix feat. Uzi, Deli, Q, Bigzam, Tokona-x, Gore-tex


  • Dirty Talk
  • Memory Lane
  • Inner City Blues


  • レイシスト
  • イライラ

DJ Oasis

  • 撫子 feat. UZI
  • 煙立つ東京 feat. Dabo, S-Word
  • Change The Game feat. K-Dub Shine, Zeebra, 童子-T, UZI
  • ここにあるぜ feat。 JA飛龍

DJ Krush

  • Real feat. Tragedy Khadafi
  • Shin Sekai feat. Rino
  • Shinjiro feat. Mos Def
  • Jugoya
  • Zen Approach feat. Black Thought
  • Vision of Art feat. Company Flow

???? (文字化け)

  • ???? (文字化け) feat. Zeebra, UZI, Akeem, NG Head

DJ 刃頭

  • Sword Heads feat. Jeru Tha Damaja, Nipps
  • Oh, Oh, Oh feat. Word Swingaz
  • アマリージャ Charro feat. Boo
  • 野良犬 feat. Ill Bostino
  • ハズファー波


That’s quite a large and varied list, which I’ll take to be representative of what I like the best in Japanese rap. Once I got to Japan, I became occupied with other Japanese things, so listening to this music took a back seat. So kind of like a Wooly Mammoth trapped in ice, that SD card, trapped in my phone, preserved my listening habits, allowing me to take a step back in time.

Would this be the playlist you’d give to someone that was interested in Japanese rap music? I know there are great tracks that are missing, but you wouldn’t necessarily fill a playlist with only the hardest hitting tracks, would you? Perhaps a more rounded overview would be best to give a taste of the varied styles? What do you think should be here that isn’t?

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