I’m Genba and welcome to my blog.


I thought I’d set this up so that I could share my ideas, thoughts and feelings with the world and I’ll focus on the world of hip-hop culture in Japan, with a focus on Rap music. I guess I should have done this while I was living there but I didn’t and there’s nothing I can do about that now, so I’ll have to do my best from outside the country. Perhaps the knowledge I’ve gained from living in Japan can be used with a certain distance to provide a more objective view? I may also post a few things from other places in the world that relate to hip-hop culture.

You can follow me on Twitter: @shibuyagenba, but not all Tweets (okay, hardly any at the moment) will be about Japanese hip-hop or Rap music culture. It’s an account that I use to express thoughts and feelings as they come to me and generally experiment/use Twitter and see what happens.

– Shibuya Genba | 渋谷 現場

“It’s always forward I’m moving, never backwards…walking through the hot desert, searching to be free.”

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