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Dragon Ash

A rock band formed in 1996 when the two original members, rapper Kenji and Sakurai Makoto, got together with Ikuzou Baba, who then became their bass guitarist. They quickly gained widespread acclaim, reaching the peak of their powers in 1999,

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Dragon Ash – Grateful Days ft. ACO, Zeebra

This week’s video was chosen because of the impact it had on me. If it wasn’t for this song, this site wouldn’t exist.

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First Of Dragon Ash

After I’d had a chance to hear Dragon ash thanks to the collaboration with ACO, I thought I’d peep some of the other tracks they did. I discovered that their usual material was less rap and more pop. I can

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Grateful Day

The day I first heard ‘Grateful Days’ by Dragon Ash, my life changed forever. At first, I wasn’t really expecting a rap tune; I just thought I was checking out another ACO song. I guess the whole featured artist thing

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