Dragon Ash

Dragon Ash

A rock band formed in 1996 when the two original members, rapper Kenji and Sakurai Makoto, got together with Ikuzou Baba, who then became their bass guitarist. They quickly gained widespread acclaim, reaching the peak of their powers in 1999, releasing three high performing singles, selling over 4 million copies in total.

Over time, Dragon Ash have collected several new members: Tetsuya Sato as a DJ and Hiroki Sugiyama, a guitarist. They also have two dancers, Masaki Chiba andĀ  Atsushi Takahashi.

In recent years, tragedy hit the group when in April 2012, long-standing memberĀ Ikuzou Baba passed away suddenly at age 46 in his Tokyo apartment.

The 6 current Dragon Ash continue performing to this day.

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