Finally Started Ira Ira

It’s been a while since I started on Ira Ira. The problem is that I got sidetracked doing other things. In any case, I have managed to get something down as I could set aside half an hour to work on it.

First off, I listened to Ira Ira on my way to and from work to get myself really familiar with it. That made a total of one hour, but then I just stopped listening.

That was a week after I’d intended to start, now here I am a week later having done a little more. But my schedule looks a bit freer over the next week, so I can do a little every evening.

In the half an hour I spent on it last night, I now have the first verse of Ira Ira partially transcribed:

らいおっとだな OOO つい
OOO ばかりで見にくい
OOO にぎってる
よく見るともだちいち おかあさまにっぎている
げひとちがい OOOO ろくざま
まっせきさま おさけまくら
なんてこころで めがめせて

I listened to the track at full speed only as I didn’t have access to anything that would slow it down. That made things a little harder for me and is the reason there are unknown parts shown by “OOO”. I think I could get them by listening for longer, but I capped the time spent on it to half an hour and that was probably the best way to approach it. In the end, slowing it down will be the best way to get those parts I can’t quite make out. Even in English rap music, there are words one can’t quite make out and will mistakenly think the artist is saying one thing when really they are saying another.

You will also notice that I haven’t written everything in Kanji (漢字). Part of the problem is that I’m not sure what should and shouldn’t be written using Kanji. The parts I’m fairly sure about, I’ve use Kanji, otherwise, I’ve tried to avoid using them.

I’ll not try to make this verse perfect. I will first do the final two, then come back to this and find those missing words, move on to the next two verses doing the same, before finally going over them all again and making sure I’m happy with the result. Then, I’d like to hand it over to a native speaker to see how accurate I’ve been. Feel free to follow me on twitter where my handle is @ShibuyaGenba. You’ll be able to keep a closer eye on my progress by following me there.

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