Rapper and DJ, Muro is an artist that’s been around since the beginning of Japan’s hip-hop scene and has worked with the best in the industry including Twigy, Rino and several acclaimed American artists.

Muro was active on the Japanese hip-hop scene from the late 80s, but only released his first album 10 years later in 1999. After a long wait for a first album, he then released several albums at a fast rate and now has 12 albums to date; the last one being the Tokyo Tribe 2 OST upon which he showcased his lyrical ability and produced 5 of the 12 tracks. The OST also showed his great pulling power by recruiting featured artists and producers including the Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul, Prodigy and the Alchemist.

Remaining active as a producer, Muro has a strong reputation and an important place in the Japanese hip-hop world.

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